Individual Teaching and Therapy Sessions

Individual Sessions… In these sessions I can give you personal attention and healing, focusing on your particular challenges and concerns. We begin by talking a little and then I will do practical hands-on work with you. Sessions last for about an hour and a quarter.



Workshops for both teachers and students

Workshops & Courses… Working in groups gives us a chance to learn from each other as well as working on ourselves. The theoretical principles are taught through experiential exercises and discussion.

Breaking News:
South East Alexander School

A professional Alexander Technique teacher-training course, beginning September 2017 in Forest Row, East Sussex.

Director of Training: Delia Rosenboom

Assistant teachers: Glen Park, Ruth Polden

This unique, professional training course offers students the opportunity to study in-depth the work of F.M. Alexander- his principles of inhibition, direction and means to psycho-physical re-education, how to apply these to oneself and how to effectively teach these to others. This rich area of study will be approached creatively, holistically and in a variety of ways, enabling students to grow, develop and change on all levels. Whilst this training primarily focuses on learning to work on oneself,
it will simultaneously equip students with the tools and
skills to teach the Alexander Technique professionally.

This training recognises that physical change comes
hand in hand with emotional, psychological and
energetic change, and both honours and welcomes
these inevitable changes as an integral part of
the training process.

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